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Strategic Technical Planning

At BCG we help you develop and refine your overarching strategic technical plan. We work with you to identify and evaluate the feasibility of using emerging technologies to meet your future needs. In order to accomplish your goals we analyze, review and facilitate prioritization of all projects at the enterprise level. In addition we achieve superior efficiencies by developing competent internal resources through effective training, mentoring, sharing and learning.

Communication is the key to change!

Synthesize people-related issues and risks from all levels and functional areas of the business
Address Organizational Implications
Clearly identify and define the project vision
Identify and adequately involve key stakeholders
Define plans for addressing issues and implementing risk mitigation activities
Engage & Communicate with Stakeholders
Clearly identigy and communicate project expectations
Mobilize & Align Leaders
Align the Workforce
Plan for identification and resolution of ongoing people-related issues and risks

Success Through Coordination and Communication

At the Beach Consulting Group one of our primary strategic concerns is the proper alignment and balancing of tensions between: leadership, strategic planning, and analysis. At the project level we implement your strategy while balancing: quality, budget, and schedule.

Properly identifying the underlying mission and goals for any technical implementation project is crucial to achieving the proper balancing of these tensions for each client.

New Strategic Partnership

The Beach Consulting Group has partnered with Absolute Data Group (ADG) to provide world class S1000D interactive documentation (IETP) and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) support! ADG is an award-winning technology company that specializes in creating, managing and leveraging technical data and maintenance information for clients across a variety of industries.

As an ADG Solutions Partner, we will be able to provided end-to-end S1000D and DITA documentation management solutions including R4i software suite integration and training services as well as S1000D IETP training.

New Strategic Partnership

The Beach Consulting Group has partnered with Adobe the premier provider of creative interactive development solutions. As a certified Enterprise Solution Partner BCG can help your company expand its capabilities and outreach across the web. From group/individual training on Adobe's powerful suite of creative applications like Flash, Flex and Dreamweaver, to dynamic data management application development using Adobe Coldfusion BCG can meet your company's creative development needs. In addition as an Enterprise Solution Partner BCG can provide complete implementation, training, and change management services for Adobe's cloud services and applications such as Adobe Connect and e-learning tools.

New Contract Award

Under a phase III Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) subcontract award from Imagine One Technology and management, The Beach Consulting Group is providing SPAWAR-LANT with strategic ic technical implementation and planning services for it Mine Resistant Ambush Protection (MRAP) family of vehicle integration efforts.

BCG will be assisting Imagine One in renovating the Technical Data Package (TDP) and Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) efforts through the implementation of a new intelligent technical data architecture utilizing the S1000D IETP standard and the proprietary intelligent agent architecture developed by Imagine One under its phase II SBIR contract.

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